Farewell our Midgard friends.

There were many friendships forged between players and happy memories.

Adventures and excitement from playing was enormous in our close community of veteran players.

For years now we kept server running paying costs from out pockets in hope for the investor who never came.

This is the where the journey ends.

Here are some of the players who had big impact on the the game:

Twiisted (passed away last year after accident - Remembering her wonderful and gentle soul, her being helpful to all other players, will forever remain in our hearts. May she rest in peace)

LoneGrey - real live Twiisted friend/partner and player who was around for years always helping others.

Infy - always ready to help

Saycred - always climbing the top of every gear competition and great PvP player

Calou - had maxed chars in all classes on both servers had fun playing with daughter too

Ritualist - as hard core as it gets

Massacre - PvP crazy killing on site

BigChief - The rogue to remember, even Massacre was not save when he was around.

Spartan - one of the best Midgard tanks

Heyllo - crazy Dwarf Tank

Healstorm - the best healer and as mage giving Massacre hard time in PvP

dzdandcunfsd - almost impossible to invite to group by typing name

A few more players to remember: multihead, tanker, tgwaste, ripsaw, kittykat, rootl, sayla, eugene9707, empress, shazy, dpkw78, missmischeif, tarsonis71, stability, necation, irreverent, huntard, haieta, longshot, galdrik, infernos, glock, exorcist, irreverent, necation, kalora, kingteranas, keltrina and many others veterans (sorry if your name is not here)

Thank you for playing, I will miss you all.


Relieve Nostalgia - check those youtube channels