PvP instances with titles prestige for different levels

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PvP instances with titles prestige for different levels

Postby LoneGrey » Tue Jul 19, 2016 2:14 pm

We need more action,after bugs and stable Kongragate versions are finished prehaps the PvP arenas could be played in different game models that already exist like the old retired Drasil that's not used and having PvP games for more than lvl 60 players ...Making PvP games like capture the flag to start with prestige, and titles would be exciting and fun or zone battles with timed instances to control the zone and beat the boss.The adventure zone instances could be used with PvP scaled to players level ..I know that's a huge task to allow different levels access to PvP instances and Arenas ,I'm just throwing ideas out to consider .starting small with the titles and capture the flag for different lvls may hold the interest of more players..
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