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World of Midgard -Across the vail

Postby Tanker » Sat Jul 30, 2016 6:41 pm

I'm sure everyone has heard of Pokemon go by now. It uses augmented reality to let players to go outside and catch Pokemon, battle in gyms, and gather resources. Well, this gave me a crazy idea. What if people could use their existing characters in WoM in a world of Midgard offshoot game (world of Midgard-across the vail)? What if instead of walking down the street and catching pikachu you could battle trolls or discover a boss like Smaildund, or your ranger found a slymer to tame? The same google earth map overlay could be used as in Pokemon go, but we would have the mobs and bosses from WoM on it. Perhaps a new loot table would be needed for the augmented reality game so that players would have incentives to play both games on their characters. If we could somehow use the same characters from WoM in both games it would be something that no other Mmorpg has done before. Many of the same game mechanics used in Pokemon go could be replicated but with a WoM theme.

Assuming augmented reality games are not just a passing fad, this could revolutionize WoM and pump new life into our favorite game. I don't know if veraxon would be interested in this idea, but if so the time to do some crowd sourcing, and such is now while the market is ready for it.

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